Frequently asked questions – Bus Air Springs

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Which Airsprings do busses use?


Busses use Air springs for the suspension in place of leaf springs and on some drivers seats.

The suspension air springs also allow the bus to “kneel” when air is exhausted from the system.

Most bus airsprings are called bellows (aslso known as Rolling Lobe)

Bus bellows usually are not sold with a metal base or top section (these are obtainable from the bus part supplier) i.e. they consist of a rubber section only.

We stock around 27 different sizes of bus bellow and around 8 different air seat springs.

The maximum diameter of a bus bellow ranges from 186mm to 315mm

The maximum installed height of a bus bellow ranges from 320mm to 530mm

The internal diameters of the top and bottom hole (Most reliable check when measuring a bus bellow) can sometimes be different (around 5 tapered bellows) although some tapered bellows have the same top/bottom diameters.

The bellows generally cost between R440 and R2000 Excl VAT, price being dependant on how often the bellow is used in different vehicles.


How do I replace a bus bellow?


We have written Bus bellow Fitting instructions  (Click to download)


What do I do if my base is damaged and the bus company has no stock?


We suggest that you have the part welded (many bases are Aluminuim) and then ground and polished to restore the original shape.


What happens if I can’t get the correct replacement bellow for my bus?


If a part number is supplied, we can often calculate a nearest correct match to supply a part where the original is not imported to South Africa (some older busses).

This may require that the bus bellows on both sides of the axle are replaced instead of just the damaged bellow.

We also look for the most cost effective option, so future replacements may then be cheaper.


Can you supply replacement leveling valves and regulators?


We stock a number of levelling valves and regulators. See the Truck/Trailer section of this site.


Which shocks do you sell for busses?


We sell SACHS shocks for European makes, i.e. Metric Shocks and only stock shocks where the price is far more cost effective than the OEM shock, while the quality is equal or better.


What are the common busses in South Africa?


AMC, DAF, Dennis, Fiat, G.M.C., Hino, Ikarus, Iveco, Leyland, Magirus Deutz, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Neoplan, Renault RVI, Scania and Volvo busses


What specials do you do for Busses?


For the AMC Minbus (Volare) we offer a conversion to a Firestone 5414 Airspring

We supply the Goodyear airsprings (2B6-535) used for the Load Air Airspring conversion on MAN Golden Arrow busses.


Which brands of Airspring or equivalents do you sell for Busses?


Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Blacktech, Airtech, Contitech, Pirelli (CF-Gomma), Taurus


How does a bus bellow change after use?


It becomes shorter and fatter, often to the point where the new replacement part looks wrong when compared to the old part.