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Coil Suspensions


What is Airlift 1000?


Air Lift 1000 is a complete airspring kit for a coil sprung axle,

without optional extras like compressors, tanks, cab controls etc.

Read more about AirLift 1000 …


Why choose air helper suspension?


Air Lift air helper springs are the best solution because they are totally adjustable — steel springs are not. All you have to do is add air to fine tune your ride for all load situations! That’s the reason professional drivers choose air over steel.


What are the benefits of Coil inserts (Airlift 1000 series)?


Adds support to rear springs on many popular 4x4’s and LDV’s.

Just add air when towing or hauling a heavy load

Driver adjustable for the best possible ride, loaded or unloaded

Eliminates sag, sway, roll and bottoming out

Keeps headlights aimed

Easy and quick to install using common hand tools with DIY instructions.

Between 226-725kg levelling capacity depending on the kit (Coil diameter)


How long should air springs last?


As long as the air springs are properly installed and maintained, Air Lift adjustable air helper springs can last indefinitely.

They are made of tough molded polyeurethane.


How long does an air spring kit take to install and can they be fitted by the average home mechanic?


Air Lift air helper springs can be installed in about two hours and can be fitted by the average home mechanic?

Advice is available by telephone and if you do not feel competent to do it yourself, most 4x4 fitment centres and tyre shops will do the job for around 2 hours labour.

Gremeltech can recommend a number of places depending on your most convenient area.


How do you maintain air springs?


Air springs are low maintenance! Just check the air pressure periodically, as you do for your tires.


Do you have to add a compressor system to your air springs?


No, air pressure can be adjusted with just about any type of compressor, as long as it can produce sufficient pressure (usually 2.5 bars max) to service the springs. You can even use a bicycle pump! For maximum convenience on-the-go however, nothing beats an Air Lift on board air compressor system.


What are the inflation valves?


The inflation valves are standard size Schrader valves as found on a motor car tyre, and can be attached to an air hose at a petrol station, a mountain bike pump or most compressor hoses.


Why is the warranty voided by not maintaining the correct pressure range?


The correct pressure range is shown on the fitting instructions inside the kit.

A pressure of less than 0.4 bars allows the insert to deform, rubbing or wearing on itself or  loosing its cylindrical shape, and could allow the insert to work its way between the coils, where it could be squashed and damaged when the suspension hits a bump.

The pressure is amplified when hitting a bump, causing the pressure inside the airspring to rise above the limit (which is far higher than the maximum pressure). The airspring will then burst, usually displaying a “duck-bill” effect, where the material at the weakest manufacturing point stretches permanently and then bursts.

If the airsprings are tee’d together, it is wise to block off the damaged airspring  after failing to maintain the correct pressure range. Remove the airline at this airspring, double the airline for the last 2 centimetres and attach a cable tie to hold the pipe closed off like this. Reinflate the remaining good airspring to minimum pressure.


What are the pro’s and cons of installing each airspring on its own valve or Tee’ing them?


We recommend installing each airspring on its own valve (2 valves are supplied in the kit)

In this configuration neither airspring pressure directly affects the other and if one airspring is damaged, the other is not affected.

The vehicle can be levelled from left to right (e.g. fuel containers on one side of the roof, camping on a slight gradient etc.)

If both sides are Tee’d together, then both air springs woul be  over pressurised in the case of a mistake, the one with the weakest point bursting, but the other still possibly damaged.

For slow driving, Tee’ing can be helpful.

You also  loose roll control due to air transfer, Tee’ing has a negative effect for high speed cornering in that the outside spring is under pressure and transfers this pressure to the inside spring, increasing the lean towards the outside.


Can Airlift 1000 be fitted to any coil?


If the coil has a shock inside it (many passenger cars) or a McPherson strut, then an Airlift Kit can only be fitted if the shock is relocated outside the coil. Shock relocation is a difficult and time consuming expert job and we don’t know of companies who offer this as a standard service.

Special products are available for complete coil replacement with an air-shock.

We do not import these products since they are very expensive and often model specific.


What optional extras are available with the kit?


GRASFLDE is an Air Spring Flow Director to Tee or Isolate 2 Airbags

GRKGFILL is a 6 Bar Filler Guage kit (Stainless Steel)

GRKCAB3 is a Cab Control with a paddle switch and guage

GRKTK38LD is a 3.8L tank kit

GRK35033 is a 100% duty 12V compressor

See for details on these products.


How much can Airlift 1000 air springs lift my vehicle?


The kit provides an additional leveling capacity (see Extra Axle Kg @ Bar on the Airlift 1000 page)

Air Lift air springs can lift the vehicle by up to around 2cm but are not a substitute for a lift kit.

If the vehicle is level at minimum pressure and maximum pressure is applied to the system, then the force will lift the vehicle provided that the installation had air springs fitted with no spaces above or below the air springs.

The lift is limited by the amount of “stretch” on the air springs, usually around 2 cm, from convex ends forming.

If an extra load of half the extra capacity is added, then only half the lifting force would still be available.


Can I use Airlift 1000 air springs for off-roading?


Airlift 1000 will work for off-road vehicles. When off-roading, increase the pressure to assure the 5 psi minimum pressure when the air bag is at it’s full extension.


Can I use Airlift 1000 with lowered vehicles?


Lowered vehicles usually require a significant lift before driving. Airlift 1000 is thus not a suitable product, but we do keep specific products for this.


 I have a vehicle that gives a rough rides, can I add air springs and make it ride better?


If the rough ride is caused by weak or overloaded springs, the answer is yes.


 How much will adding air springs increase the Weight Rating (GVM) of my vehicle?


.Adding Air 1000 will not change the Weight Rating of a vehicle. Doing so is dangerous and voids your

Air Lift air spring warranty


Can I get replacement parts?


Replacement parts are available.


Do you add air to Airlift 1000 before adding the load, i.e. how do I level my vehicle?


Add air to maximum pressure, add the load, then release air until the vehicle is level.


How do I work out my suspension travel?


If you jack the vehicle by the wheel, the wheel rises until the bump stop is reached, then the chassis moves.

This is the minimum height.

If you jack the vehicle by the chassis, the wheel drops until the shock limit is reached, then the wheel stops.

This is the maximum height for the air spring.


What is the effect of adding spacers to “fill” the coil?


The ideal is to get the longest air spring to fill the coil. If spacers are added, they can act as a limiter for upward suspension travel, conversely when the chassis is moving downwards they cause a more immediate effect of the air suspension coming into affect before the coil compresses. (i.e. they avoid a “delayed” effect in the air suspension assisting.)




Leaf Suspensions


 What is RideControl?


Ride Control is an airspring kit, adding up to 900kg extra leveling capacity, complete for a Leaf sprung axle, without optional extras like compressors , tanks, cab controls etc.

Some of the ride control kits have roll over sleeve airsprings while other have double (sometimes single) convolutes.

Read more about RideControl


 What is SuperDuty / Load Lifter?


SuperDuty is a heavy duty version of Ride Control.

It is an airspring kit, adding up to 2250kg extra leveling capacity,  complete for a Leaf sprung axle, without optional extras like compressors , tanks, cab controls etc.

Read more about LoadLifter





 What is Load controller?


Load Controller is an optional extra for an airspring kit,

allowing you to Manually control the airsprings from inside a moving vehicle.

It is a small 50% duty compressor and cab control with low pressure sensor(s)

It is available with Guages and sensors as follows:

Single : only front/rear levelling (Mostly for Airlift 1000,)  and

Dual : front/rear and side to side leveling (Mostly for RideControl & SuperDuty).

Load Controller 1 has electrically operated Solenoids to allow fast air flow (More expensive).

Load Controller II has Guage panel paddle switches to allow air flow, includes wiring harness.

The system does not include a tank and is not suitable for pumping tyres.

e.g. Part 25812 (Load Controller II Dual Guage), Request import around R2900 nett excl VAT

Read More about Load Controller II …

Download 25812 Load Controller II Installation Manual (123 Kb)


What is SmartAir?


SmartAir is an optional extra for an airspring kit.

It is a totally automatic system with no dashboard guages

Consists of an Electronic self levelling system which will maintain the vehicle at a pre-set height regardless of load, includes a small compressor, harness, circuit board and exhaust solenoid air valve(s) controlled by adjustable magnetic height sensors.

The system does not include a tank and is not suitable for pumping tyres.

e.g. Part 25430 Dual sensor, Request import around R6500 nett excl VAT

Read More about SmartAir

Download 25415 / 25430 SmartAir Installation Manual (288 Kb)


What is Quickshot?


Quickshot is an optional extra for an airspring kit.

It is 4 times faster than Load controller II, and manually operated from a moving vehicle 

Medium Compressor, 7.6 Litre Tank, Pressure switch (7.6 bar off, 10 bar on), Air Hose and Dash Gauge with Paddle Switch (for inflate / deflate) for fast height adjustment, used with Low rider vehicles to get back often and fast to higher ride height.

The system includes a tank and is suitable for pumping tyres.

The Dual controls two airsprings independently and is more suitable for RideControl and Load Lifter

e.g. Part 25690, Request import around R4500 nett excl VAT

e.g. Part 25572, Request import around R5500 nett excl VAT

Read More about Quickshot

Download 25690 Quickshot Single Installation Manual (86 Kb)

Download 25572 Quickshot Dual Installation Manual (545 Kb)


 What is Sureset?


Sureset is an optional extra for an airspring kit.

It is a manually operated system with a small Digital dashboard controller (102x25x76mm).

Consists of an Electronic pressure setting system in the dash which will maintain 2 airsprings at a Driver selected pre-set pressure.

Includes a small compressor, harness, Dashboard LED & circuit board, 2 pressure senders, and a 3 soleniod manifold controlling 2 airsprings

e.g. Part 25004, Around R4000 nett excl VAT

Brochure with a little general info Sureset (4955 Kb)

Download Sureset Installation Manual (533Kb)